The Economist julkaisi kuukausi sitten ajatuksia herättävän artikkelin PR-toimistoista. Punaisena lankana oli analysoida PR:n merkityksen kasvua viimeisen kahden vuoden aikana – siis laskusuhdanteessa. Muutama keskeinen johtopäätös: “PR has done well in part because it is often cheaper than mass advertising campaigns.” “Its impact, in the form of favourable coverage in the media or online, can also be more easily measured.” “PR has also benefited from the changing media landscape. The withering of many traditional media outlets has left fewer journalists from fewer firms covering business. That makes PR doubly important, both for attracting journalists¹ attention, and for helping firms bypass old routes altogether and disseminate news by posting press releases on their websites, for example.” “Many big firms have a presence on social-networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, overseen by PR staff.” “PR firms are increasingly called on to track what consumers are saying about their clients online and to respond directly to any negative commentary.”  Lue koko juttu!